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    I need a lesson

    I bought a Polaris Rzr at the first of the year. It has a Vertex VX-200 VHF radio in it. It took me 3 weeks before I could figure out which cables to program it with because there isn't a lot of info about the vertex radio out there and if there is I don't know how to find it. I bought 2...
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    Vertex CE82 VX-2200 problems

    Hi Guys, I have this problem with my brand new radios,2 VX-2200.Well the problem is about the comunication from PC to Radio. Naturally I'd like to inform you about my configuration: RTX : VX-2200E USB programming interface : FIF-10A Adapter cable : CT-104A SW : CE82 ver.1.10W Ok,when I...
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    VX-2200 programming cable?

    Hi all! I have a problem... My dealer didnt send me a programming cable for my Vertex Standard VX-2200, and I really need it as soon as possible. I have searched the net for schematics, and tried the DB9 to RJ45 cable, without any luck. I also have the FIF-10 box. So, if there is anyone who...