1. Danny37

    Can anyone recommend a case for the yaesu vx-3r

    Yesterday I was out and it was snowing pretty bad I went to grab my vx-3r out of my pocket and it slipped from my hand and hit the concrete. Luckily it hit the floor on its back and the battery cover cracked. I just ordered a new cover online but now I really need a case cause I use it so much...
  2. Danny37

    Does anyone else carry their personal ht or radio to work

    Does anyone else carry their own personal equipment to work or almost everywhere. I carry my vx-3 everywhere in a cell phone case. I'm a volunteer EMT and ill carry my vx-3r alongside with the ht1250 they provide us to use. sometimes I carry my vx-929 but I usually grab my vx-3r cause its...