1. apsyms

    Need Help Programming VX-800

    Hey all, I recently purchased 2 VX-800s (vhf and uhf), as well as a programming cable, and am looking to program each. Both radios are already programmed from the previous owner, but I am have a lot of difficulties programming it myself. I have the latest CE-31 software and the Prolific driver...
  2. G

    Vertex VX-800 CE31 windows help please!

    I am trying to program my VX-800 on a windows 7 and also a windows 98 Computer. I have the latest software and a good USB programming cable. When I connect the radio and try to read it, it tells me to switch radio off, then back on to start uploading/downloading. I turn it off and then back on...
  3. A

    vertex radio problems

    I have the vertex vx-800 uhf firmware 1.25. I seem to have a huge problem in the squelching. When im near a computer, wireless router or cell phone my squelch opens. even if i pl set it attacks for about 15 msecs. I even set the Squelch to 7 and it still occurs. The worst part is when I have a...
  4. A

    how to update the firmware

    How can i update the firmware on my vertex vx-800 on my own? I have the programming software but cannot find the firmware update. Anybody know where i could find it? Also what are the pros & cons of updating the firmware of the radio. The most important thing I like most about the VX-800 that...
  5. A

    need help programming a vertex

    I got a vertex vx-800 and the CE31 software, I want to know what kind of cable i need. I only have one laptop as of now. which is a HP pavilion entertainment notebook running on vista. I need to know what kind of cable I need. Which cable is recomended? A USB programming cable or a serial...
  6. A

    Vertex vx-800 going into ham bands?

    can a vx-800 450-490 Mhz radio go into the 440 MHZ without the hex? I've heard a few go into 444.000 but thats as low as it goes anybody with any luck?