1. Danny37

    Vertex vx-824 backlight bug?

    So I have my radio with the backlight to be enable with every "key on" it works fine but when I install the vdme-200 in the back of the radio. The backlight stops working after like 20 minutes, the lamp key still works but the "key on" feature doesn't work. Turning the radio off and back on...
  2. Danny37

    Vertex vx-920/820 series dual band recieve chip

    I have a vertex vx-929 radio with a dual band chip installed, what part of the board might I find the chip installed if I take the radio apart? Is the chip easy to remove and swappable with another vertex radio such as the vertex vx-824 P25 radio?
  3. Q

    Narrowband Issue with VX 824

    So I have a few (3) VX 824-G7-5 that are doing some odd things when I program them into narrowband. The radios worked fine in wideband and are part of a larger grouping of radios 45+ all same model. When I program the radios into narrow they tx fine but they do not rx at all, they rx nothing...