1. K

    Wake county 800 Mhz P25 and the FV IR sites.

    Hello I was monitoring the 6038 system for wake county a month or so ago and listening to Fuquay Vrina and Holly Springs PD Talk Groups. I started monitoring again yesterday and they are no longer on Wake 800 P25. I thought they maybe on the FV IR site , but the talk group list for that site is...
  2. BCasto

    Wake Simulcast Analog vs Digital

    By chance yesterday I had the Wake County Simulcast system up on 2 different scanners sitting side by side. I noticed one was receiving activity on PS Tac 14 and the other wasn't. As it turned out, one scanner was set to receive both analog and digital, the other only digital. The...
  3. N

    Wake County Scanner Reception

    I have a BC370CRS and need help determining if this is compatible with VIPER in Wake County. Primarily I would like to listen to Fire/EMS and Garner PD. Any opinions? Will I need an external antenna? Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. KE4ZNR

    Wake County EMS gets Muscle Cars

    Listen out for the new EMS vehicles on Raleigh/Wake Locution Dispatch 156.225Mhz under the callsigns: MEDIC 91 MEDIC 92 MEDIC 93 MEDIC 94 MEDIC 95 MEDIC 96 Marshall KE4ZNR muscle cars to reach emergencies faster LINK By Michael Biesecker, Staff Writer...