walkie talkie

  1. I

    FRS Channel 3 (462.61250mHz)

    Does anyone in the Durham Region area kow what causes the interference on FRS Channel 3 (462.61250)? I've been curious for a while, it always just comes in as a skipping sound when it breaks the squelch. Is there something or someone in the area that uses a business frequency that interferes...
  2. gibson135


    Where are the walkie-talkie and CB radio frequencies on the 436? Thanks
  3. V

    Getting a "Walkie-Talkie" for FRS Use

    Hello! I don't know if this is the right topic to put this in, but here we go anyway. I am looking basically for a walkie-talkie. I want something that won't require a license to use and won't be illegal to use. Not anything too expensive (under $100) and comes with 3-4 units that can...
  4. KC9WWJ

    Hancock County Fire-EMS

    Today i was just doing the usual, relaxing on the back porch listening to the scanner, and i came across something that i found to be quite interesting. I was listening to the Fire-EMS for Hancock county, but i also had a scanlist turned on which "Walkie Talkie" frequencies are programmed...
  5. A

    Abell walkie talkie

    Based in ShenZhen which is a twin city of Hong Kong and the largest manufacturing base and R&D center for professional two-way radios and wireless trunking systems in China, Abell (Pronounced as"Able") Industries Co., Ltd (ABELL) is one of the leading handheld-wireless-telecom-equipment...