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    Radio Asset Management

    Hi everybody, I'm looking for a solution to track our MotoTRBO radios, batteries and repeaters, where we can search with their serial numbers and check their warranty and expiry dates and other information about each product. I've found online this application called 'Motorola Radio Asset...
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    Uniden BCT15x Warranty/Problem Question

    Hello. New to the forums... I hope I have placed this in the correct section. I purchased my BCT15x in the beginning of June, 2013. Worked really well for me up until recently. I went to go turn it on and all I heard were clicking noises. No display, no sound, no lights or sign of anything at...
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    Used PSR-800 but concerned about GRE's restart.

    I found a used PSR-800 for $300.00. It looks brand new and the owner has taken great care of it. This will be my first scanner. My biggest concern is support. Would I be better of getting a uniden HP that has a warranty that I know will be covered, am is everyone confident that GRE will be...