1. gmclam

    Too many EDACS sites

    I am programming an object oriented GRE scanner (PSR-500/600, PRO-106/PRO-197, etc) and started wondering how people who monitor Nevada with similar scanners handle this situation. Let's just take Washoe county. There's just under 150 TGs that I would like to monitor. There's 11 sites for...
  2. KF7RAY

    Brush fire Pleasant/Washoe Valleys w/ evacs...

    Large aggressive brush fire in Pleasant/Washoe Valleys using pretty much all fire Freq/TG's...even evacuating Pleasant Valley school.
  3. S

    Washoe County Metro Rebanding Now

    Rebanding in progress as this is being written - should switch over tonight or tomorrow - here is what I believe will be the Frequencies in LCN order. Both systems will be up for a bit or so I am told and then when they take the control channel down on the old system everything should roll over...