washtenaw county

  1. K

    pro 106 MPSCS washtenaw county help?

    Hi, Kevin here. I'm 2 weeks in with the pro 106 using the arc500 to program it. I live in washtenaw county and hear nothing but garble, occasionally I'll hear something but not much as it cuts in and out...even tho it shows a strong signal. I have it programed with the right MPSCS P25AUTO...
  2. G

    Help! Pro-96 & Washtenaw County Programming

    Help needed for a Newbie! For the life of me, I can't figure out how to get my Pro-96 scanner reprogrammed to receive Washtenaw County within the new MSPSC system. Here is what I have done: purchased Win96 software, signed up as a premium member to access the Radio Reference database, logged...
  3. BuiltonAsus

    Washtenaw Co. TRS

    There has been either repeated traffic on ID: 47475, though it is not listed in the database. Is this a new mutual aid channel for PD, or another unlisted Tac channel? The Talkgroup ID was used when trying to track a RA suspect.