1. M

    WAVE with Trbo

    Anyone have any luck connecting to a wave server from an SL7550e or an XPR7550e? I have an sl7550e and it makes reference to wave. in CPS and in the radio menus. the menus item called wave channels says "Not allowed" when clicked. but I don't see any features that need to be purchased. in...
  2. L

    Signal Classifier

    Good day, I had many decoded signals that I cannot classify what mode it belongs to,, I need a classifier software program that can classify the input signal or wave voice . Thank you
  3. kk4dnl

    Lw long wave frequencies / information

    I have recently purchased my first Short Wave receiver a Tecsun PL-380. This radio has the LW band but I can not seem to find anything to listen too. I do know that Air Navigational Beacons are on this band and I can faintly hear a local beacon here in Commerce GA 30530. But what else is their...