weather radio

  1. KB3KBR

    NW PA Weather radio feed

    Hey all, I was hosting the weather feed for WWG53 out of Parker. I let it expire last year as the transmitter was off air and was going to be for quite a while. NWS just got it back on the air within the last couple months. Anyway I was wondering is there any interest in this and should I put...
  2. dbsar

    Weather radio -low volume alert wanted

    Christmas is coming and I’d like to put a new weather radio on the list. I’ve got several but they all share one annoying trait. The audible weather alert is so loud it will wake the dead, and that's with the alert adjusted down. Nothing worse than that thing going off at 3AM. I want a radio...
  3. dbsar

    Weather Alert Radio with Adjust Siren Volume

    I want a weather radio with the ability to turn down the alert siren. I mean way down (almost off). The one I have at bedside is adjustable and is still too loud at night and scares the bejeebies out of me. Then my wife gets I’d appreciate your suggestions. It would also be cool if...