weather stations

  1. gradybruton1819

    TNC Help, APRS WX Station

    I am attempting to set up a remote APRS weather station without using a computer (WX-->TNC-->Radio) in a location without internet. The current setup is a Peet Bros Ultimeter 800, a Kantronics KAM Plus, and a Motorola GM300. So far I haven't been able to get any packets i-gated. I have been...
  2. T

    programming weather channel in BF-F8HP

    First of all, I apologize if this a repeated msg from other users. I tried to find answers prior to writing this post. I have a BF-F8HP. I found the NOAA weather channel on the NOAA site. It uses 162.550. I would like to program this into my channels to save me from having to remember it...
  3. cfr301

    Weather Radar OHIO

    One of our members suggested I post a thread in the Ohio section about the Radar I have available on my website. When conditions Warrant I have 24/7 GRlevel 3 (X) Doppler Radar available using the Wilmington Ohio KILN radar site. Its there for anyone to use to check incoming storm fronts the...
  4. LukeB

    Reviews on Weather Stations

    Does anyone have a resource for weather station reviews? I am hopefully getting 1 for Christmas and want to find out which one best suites my needs. I would like to view the spec's side by side if possible and was hoping someone had a site or place i can find something like this. Personal...