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    West Hartford Pools

    Does anyone know what talk groups are used for West Hartford pools, specifically Cornerstone and Beachwood? The miscellaneous group has some groups labeled "facilities", but there's never any activity to be heard.
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    West Hartford TG?

    Does anyone who monitors West Hartford know what school uses the 10704 talk group? All the other town schools use a 10xxx TG and are identified in the database, but this seems like a new one. Amazing what you can find by turning "ID search" on....
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    West Hartford Upgrade

    Looks like the town of West Hartford is accepting bids until the end of June for a new town wide radio system. They're going with a P25 phase 1 and adding antenna sites at Hartford Insurance Group on Asylum Avenue and at West Farms Mall. They will continue to use the sites on Fern Street and...
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    West Hartford ?

    Does anyone know what a code10-65 for West Hartford PD is? My old list skips a few numbers and that one isn't there.
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    West hartford

    hey, i just recently bought a uniden bct8 scanner and i was wondering if anyone knew the mhz to program into the scanner, i know its trunking but im wondering what to enter ie. "866.8125" or something. any help would be great, thanks alot.