whistler trx-1

  1. M

    TRX-1 not recognizing CN and CP channels?

    I just bought a TRX-1 Scanner and had it delivered yesterday and I added the channels of both CN and CP and even the EOT frequency. Not even a peep from the closest detector. Or even the local yard which is about 5 miles or less away. I do get VIA talking when coming into the station and...
  2. Whistler TRX-1 Digital Scanner

    Whistler TRX-1 Digital Scanner

    For Sale: Excellent condition, Whistler TRX-1 Digital Scanner, complete with original box, manuals, accessories and the enhanced gain Whistler 700/800 MHz antenna option as well as three sets of Sayno Eneloop Pro long-life, extended storage capable rechargeable batteries. The scanner is capable...
  3. Whistler TRX-1 Digital Handheld Scanner Radio in box

    Whistler TRX-1 Digital Handheld Scanner Radio in box

    Selling a Whistler TRX-1 Digital Handheld Scanner Radio in box completed. It is in great condition as kept in case and took extreme care of it. Only minor light scratches on LCD as they pretty much all do due to soft plastic they used at factory. Is very clean condition otherwise. Works great...
  4. N

    TRX-1 accurate LED Color workaround

    As U know, many Whistler TRX-1 LED colors don't correspond w it's EZ-Scan software color chart selections. And Whistler doesn't know how long for a fix. But U was able to manually create desired LED colors on my TRX-1. I then wrote down the corresponding 6 digit RGB code for each accurately...
  5. J

    BCD325P2 or TX-1

    I'm wanting to upgrade to a scanner that will receive NXDN and DMR, and am trying to decide which scanner would be better--the Uniden BC325P2 or the Whistler TX-1. Currently, I am using a Whistler 1088, which does a good job. Also, wondering if the database I have made for the 1088 would work...
  6. lakota40

    TRX-1: Changing the Whistler TRX-1 & 2 Firmware

    TRX-1 & 2 Firmware change. This is for those who don't know how to change the firmware on the trx-1 & 2 radio's. Go to this youtube video for info and firmware downloads. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hs96G2pbYqc Let me know if it helps. Peace
  7. D

    Chesapeake Va Scanner Recommendations?

    Have an older scanner not capable of picking up Chesapeake police/fire any longer... looking at both the Uniden BCD436HP and the Whistler TRX‑1 Scanner... does anyone use these in the Hampton Roads area and have feedback? I mainly listen to police/fire but I also travel all throughout...
  8. S

    TRX-1: When do i get my trx-1 back from repair dept?

    Hi whistler wendy i sent my trx-1 unit in to the whistler repair group to get screen repaired. According to the USPS website it was received around 10:50 am on 06/08/17. I was wondering about how long do you think it will take before its fixed and on its way back to me? And how will i know that...