whistler ws1080

  1. Whistler WS1080 Like New

    Whistler WS1080 Like New

    Im selling my Whistler WS1080 in like new condition. It still has the protective cover on the front screen. I will admit i am more of a Uniden and Unication fan and got this a few years ago but i just never got used to using it. When i did use it i had it dedicated to a channel or two and never...
  2. Radioshack Pro-668 converted to Whistler WS1080

    Radioshack Pro-668 converted to Whistler WS1080

    Decided to sell my Radio Shack Pro-668 that has been converted to WS1080. IT has CPU 4.5 in it so the unit still works with the current date as seen in the pics. The memory card was replaced with an 8GB 2 weeks ago and the library was updated then. So you can use a card reader and update and...
  3. J

    WS1080 - standby battery life while unplugged using rechargeable batteries

    Question for those with a WS1080 Scanner: If you leave fully charged (new 2000mAh eneloop or even 2450mAh LADA) batteries in your scanner and leave the power off how many days should you get before all battery life has depleated? I seem to only get a few days of battery life if I put new...
  4. Johnnydollar2

    Pro-96: Interesting Observation No.2 - WS1080 vs OLD OLD Pro96

    Another short video showing the OLD OLD Pro96 actually getting P25 Digital simulcast talkgroups with NO ANTENNA while the WS1080 sits silent again* Using it outside in the car worked even better while the WS1080 even had the benefit of the FAMED RS800Mhz antenna and failed to receive P25...
  5. Whistler WS1080 Handheld Digital Trunking Scanner Phase I & Phase II

    Whistler WS1080 Handheld Digital Trunking Scanner Phase I & Phase II

    Condition is used, but in excellent condition. All original packaging, accessories as the original antenna, belt clip, and 4 GB SD card, USB cable and documentation included. Did do all updates, so is ready to be used out of the box. This is a real Whistler 1080, not a RadioShack Pro 668 which...