1. S

    Whitehall Police MARCS

    I know that Whitehall Police is on the new MARCS system. But for Franklin County there are multiple different sites listed as part of the MARCS system. Which system is Whitehall using? I have been struggling to program them in their own bank, and I just want the system frequencies that they're...
  2. T

    need help with central ohio scanner

    i am trying to find a scanner for my sister . she lives in Whitehall Ohio, can someone direct me to a scanner that is ez to program via computer . needs to get whitehall and columbus
  3. coaster1robert

    Whitehall Ohio

    On Wednesday Whitehall PD stooped Dispatching on 46.25000 , Someone gave me a bunch of freq,they said it was Whitehall,but I don't hear Whitehall PD does anyone Knows what's going on.? The list of Freq 460.2500 - Channel 1 453.5000 - Channel 2 460.4250 - Channel 3 460.5000 - Channel 4...