1. N

    Wilmington in the database

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - would one of the database admins who understands the Wilmington system please fix it. The problem - Wilmington, although "technically" part of the State system now, is a separate system. So the programming in the Uniden scanners does not allow you to listen to Wilmington...
  2. Q

    uniden BC72XLT, wilmington nc

    i have a uniden BC72XLT scanner and im in wilmington NC. i can pick up some channels but i think im missing alot of them. for instance, the channel this website picks up and broadcasts i cant get on my uniden. am i doin something wrong or is it the scanner? if its the scanner, can i upgrade the...
  3. NFR85

    Wilmington NC on Proscan

    Does anyone know the server IP or name for Wilmington NC for Proscan Client? It was there couple days ago and I keep refreshing with no luck. Thanks
  4. nc28478

    can someone explain wilmington nc and new hanover county?

    can someone explain Wilmington NC and New Hanover county? are they viper? p25 or public safety? or combo?????? also what talk groups go where?:roll: sorry for such a basic question? thanks in advance
  5. nc28478

    newbie : where can i find ?

    first i want to say ~I L.O.V.E. THIS SITE followed for years and it is a must have for a pro 106 where can i find 10 codes or whatever i need to interpret my locals: 1. pender county 2. wilmington 3. new hanover county 4. burgaw 5. duplin 6. shp 7.wallace current scanners: pro 106 pro-2051...
  6. filmlou

    Wilmington Fire Dept. Frequencies

    Hi guys -- I'm new to the forum but have been scanning for 20 years. I'm a videojournalist who films fires and emergencies. I recently purchased the Uniden Trunk Tracker III and although I can monitor nearly every agency in the state, I'm unable to monitor Wilmington Fire Department. Does...