win96 software

  1. S

    Just can't get Nashua on my Pro-96, advice please

    Hi, I've followed a lot of the discussions here about the new Nashua lineup, and because my Pro-96 used to work just fine for Nashua (FD, PD, etc) I tried downloading the frequency data direct from Radioreference as always, using the Win96 program. I've tried starting the data in both position...
  2. R

    Radio Shack PRO-96 programing problem

    My local law enforcement community has moved from 868 mHz to 851 mHz, and in the process the number of talk groups has grown very large. When I program my PRO-96 using the WIN96 software, I am only able to receive some of the police and fire departments, and a very small number of the talk...
  3. jdrichards

    Win96 v01.58

    Running WIN96 V01.58 on Windows XP. When I do a Web Import on the Trunked Systems or Conventional Frequencies and click START I get the following error: XML error detected: mismatched tag near: </head> ^ while requesting URL: - Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference