windows mobile

  1. beaker7

    Astro 25 CPS running on a PDA

    Hey y'all I asked a question a while back asking if the XTS5000 Astro 25 CPS will run on a Windows PDA. Well I have gotten it partially working. I got the CPS running on a Motorola MC9596 PDA with Windows 6.5 Embedded! So that is running successfully but (theirs always a but...) I have no way of...
  2. Brandenburg

    Listening on Windows Mobile phone

    I'm a Premium member and I'm trying to get my HTC Windows Mobile phone to stream the Windows Media audio (or any of the streams, for that matter). When I click on the Windows Media link, I get a "Cannot play the file. The file is either corrupted or the Player does not support the format you...
  3. M

    Samsung i616 Question

    I recently had to, in my opinion, downgrade from a Blackberry Curve 8310 to a Samsung Jack i616. The only problem is now I can't access my local feed that I used to be able to access directly through the browser on my blackberry. From what I've read so far here it seems to be due to a common...