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    Decode Ham-DMR Voice Lubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver

    I have been searching around for a way to decode Ham-DMR voice. I used to do it on Windows XP. Since Windows XP is deprecated I made the huge leap into Lubuntu 18.04.1 Bionic Beaver. Just so I can be up-to-date without buying new hardware. I've read about Wine running DSD+. The issue is Wine is...
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    Unitrunker, Linux and WINE

    From searching I know this topic comes up often, but i'm stuck. I've managed to install Unitrunker on Linux via WINE, but when trying to run the software I get the winusb.dll is missing error. I installed winusb.dll from my Win10 PC into WINE's windows/system32 folder, but I continue to get the...
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    Freescan: FreeSCAN on Minty Wine, lockup[ importing from RR & crashing upload / download

    Hi all, Working on updating my BC396XT with a laptop Running Mint Linux 18 and Wine (32-bit prefix per instructions here on RR). Same setup works on another laptop running Windows7 (64-bit). So far communications with the radio and edit features of FreeSCAN 2.17 & 2.18-beta6 are working...