1. Bruce42

    AMTRAK High Speed Wireless

    Does anyone have a reference where one could learn more about this new system? If it doesn't use cellular networks what band is it operating in to communicate with passenger's phones and laptops? The publicity claims it will be SIX times faster than the previous cellular connection. Perhaps...
  2. O

    GW Signal

    Although the signals are now defunct, I would like to introduce myself as the creator of the GW-PSK-2,4,8 and GW-OFDM signals while I was employed by Globe Wireless. From what I understand GW was not very protective of the MODEM specifications (there is no IP). They are basically a service...
  3. wmetech1

    PSR-800 Scanning Wireless Microphone & Intercom Frequencies

    Hello all. I have a part time job doing general sound/lighting/maintenance work in a theater. One day over the weekend, out of boredom, I decided to program the wireless mic and intercom frequencies into my PSR-800 via the EZ Scan software. When entering in any of the 12+ frequencies I have, I...
  4. M

    ProScan streaming from my wireless laptop

    Is it possible to hook up my 996xt to my laptop with it's wifi connection to the main hard wired PC to stream over the internet using Proscan? Or do I have to have the scanner connected to the hard wired PC to make it work?
  5. P

    Home repeater/booster??

    Hey, I'm looking to increase the signal inside my home for my scanner. Anyone know of a product to wirelessly boost the signal within the house. Rather than running an antenna from the roof to the scanner itself? I scan 800mhz range. Would a cellular booster work perhaps? Ideas??