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    Whistler 1010 - WS1010 - Not Closed, Send me a PM if Interested

    For sale is a barely used Whistler - WS1010 scanner. This was bought as a gift, but they ended up not using it. I am marking this as used since it is out of the box, but I see no issues, not even slight blemishes. $59.99 + Shipping [USPS Priority would come out to ~$7.50] Comes with: -WS1010...
  2. Whistler WS1010 and USB cord

    Whistler WS1010 and USB cord

    For sale, like new, Whistler WS1010 and accompanying USB cord. We could not use this scanner in our region, and it has never been used.
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    HI my son got a ws1010 for Christmas. Upon entering local Spotsylvania frequencies we found that the Spotsylvania sheriff's frequency changes when entered. It is .4525 but changes to .4500. Is this an incapable channel?