wx alert

  1. T

    Pro 106 and WX same led latch.

    With the Radio Shack Pro-106 (and Pro-197) set to receive WX SAME broadcasts, is there a way to set the LED to quit blinking when an alert is over and the scanner go back to monitoring for the next weather warning? I have found the settings to latch/unlatch the LED for items in scan lists, but...
  2. spectr17

    WX feed alert programmed into scanner

    I see the warning not to use the Feed Alerts on the admin page for weather alerts, what I'm wondering about is programming the scanner to do WX Alerts for our county here that would go out on the feed like the fire and EMS traffic. Does anyone provide that in their feed? It seems like it would...
  3. spectr17

    WX alert. How to program it in with Freescan?

    I have the SAME number for my county. The input fields are: SAME Group Name FIPS1 FIPS2 FIPS3 Also do you check any of the 3 boxes? Weather alert, attenuater, record? Delay. 1 to 5? Thanks
  4. jclarkr6

    Wx Alert Mode on the BCD396XT

    I had the chance to try out the Wx Alert mode on my new 396xt today. I programmed a SAME group with the correct FIPS code for my county, which is 017029. My county then came under a severe thunderstorm watch and eventually, a warning, but all the scanner did that whole time was periodically...