1. W

    Listening to different talkgroups on P25 Phase I

    I am trying to listen to a specific talk group on the system called WyoLink (WyoLink Trunking System, Statewide, Multi-State - Scanner Frequencies). I am using DSD Fastlane to tune into the control frequency, but it seems to only give me the talk groups in that county. Laramie County is where I...
  2. K


    i recently picked up a 796d on ebay for cheap and i just wanna get help to program it for WYOLINK VHF/UHF and the proper settings
  3. M

    Conventional Frequency Lists for Lincoln County

    I have made the jump from my Bearcat 780XLT to a Whistler 1040 and I have successfully imported the Wyolink Frequencies from RR however when I search for Conventional Frequences it only list Lincoln County Business as an Agency. I should expect to find listings for SAR, Sherrifs office, road...
  4. M

    Sweetwater County Scanning

    Hello I am looking for some assistance programming a bcd996xt for sweetwater county wyolink. Primarily, I need to be able to scan 04EMS and 04MHSC. I've read a ton of information and am still basically lost. If anyone here has sweetwater county experience, I'd love to chat with you. Matt
  5. J

    Brand New to Trunking

    Hey guys, I appologize in advance if this has already been covered in another thread, but to my best ability, I havent been able to find it anywhere. I just bought a Shack PRO-197. I dont have any software, or the programming cable, because I dont own a PC. I have a macbook, but it appears...
  6. kidda71

    Wyolink p500 programming code

    I am in the process of programming a GRECOM PSR-600 scanner to hold the entire WYOLINK radio system. My plan is to set each MAT region to be its own trunk system. Since there are seven MAT regions I will have seven systems programmed and then set the scanner to scan the system region when I...