xpr 6550

  1. daugherh

    Remove Connect Plus Trunking

    Hi all, I've searched the Motorola forum and reviewed this thread here but wanted to post this as a double check. I've been offered a Motorola XPR 6550 that has the sticker in the back that says Connect Plus Trunking. I'm assuming that this means the radio has the capability of CPT, however I...
  2. M

    XPR 6550

    I have a fleet of 4 Motorola XPR 6550 that are used for officers on a First Aid Squad. Is there a way to program the radio to alert as a Minitor Pager does for calls? I have asked my local programming and repair business, but they cannot answer that question for me.
  3. M

    XPR6550 Rollback Firmware Upgrade?

    I currently have firmware version R01.11.02 installed on our XPR 6550 portables. Is it possible to rollback the firmware version so we can re-enable 25Khz Channel Bandwidth? Any recommendations on which version to install? Is there a specific version of Motorola CPS to install the firmware? Thanks.
  4. R

    Xpr 6550

    I bought a new XPR 6550 as part of a testbed, but find that we're going to stick with Kenwood instead. I'd like to trade this NEW (plastic still on screen) radio for a new(ish) Kenwood NX210 or it's UHF equivalent. This has one battery (new), charger and antenna. Never put in service. Thanks -
  5. F

    Xpr 6550 Multiple groups

    I am currently working on a project for my company we have 25 xpr 6550 and we also have three repeaters set up for a mesh network. I need to be able switch a channel and talk to a group with the ablity to roam . Is this something that can be accomplished