xpr 8400

  1. DiGiTaLD

    XPR XPR 8400 CWID Problem

    I manage an IP Site Connect system consisting of three (3) XPR 8400 repeaters on UHF and have recently noticed that they are failing to send CWID at the programmed interval. Model number is M27TRR9JA7BN running firmware version R02.09.00.03, codeplug version 19.00.03, and bootloader version...
  2. L

    XPR8400 Repeater, no distance when trying to use as mountaintop

    Hello trbo experts. I have attempted this a few different times and I am at a loss. I have a command center. In the command center I have a stack of 3 xpr8400's with three duplex channels. I run a Comprod filtering system and a 5.5db gain die pole antenna. And it works great. However today I...
  3. D

    Communicating digitally through accessory port on XPR 8400

    I am trying to use the accessory port on an XPR 8400 to send/receive audio to an emergency call system. The system has a radio interface giving me PTT, COR, TOR, transmit and receive audio and ground. I can make the repeater work this way as analog but need to make it work digitally. I was...