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    DSD+ 2p39 and HYTERA XPT.

    Is it possible to have the information with DSD on XPT networks as with Motorola C + networks. Radiotrbo
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    Decoding HYT XPT multi-sites

    Just curious to see if anyone has managed to capture datastream for a multi-site system on XPT (Hytera) I am looking for an engineer to reverse this method for possible DSD+ data implementation.
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    XPT Site ID Decode

    I am monitoring an XPT enabled trunk system near my qth and I am wanting DSD+ to come up with Site details etc. Anyone on this forum that happens to have "access" to an XPT Hytera system please send me a datastream file sample of Site 1 progammed channel to analyse and send to the DSD+ author...
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    Feature Request - Hytera XPT

    From the public release version of DSD+, there is a decoder named 'XPT'. I have been playing around with this for a while now and I havent really seen much change into it's functionality. What I would like to see is what Capacity Plus also provides which is Linked or single Sites. Can this be...
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    Hytera XPT DMR

    I'm using the BCD436HP with the latest firmware. I’ve found three 150MHz band channels in my area that show “XPT” on the display when receiving the regular burst from the repeater every few seconds much like you see with the MotoTRBO Connect Plus systems. Each of these channels belongs to a...