xts-5000 scanning

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    xts 5000 trunked programming scan list

    yes when I edited my scan list to add zone 8 channel 1 to scan it will shows it in the scan list after I write the radio but wont work but all the other I put in work for some reason it the only zone 8 and channel 1 also when I am on that zone 8 and channel 1 I can not even put the radio on scan...
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    XTS-5000 Talkgroup Scanning

    Can an XTS-5000 scan talkgroups as shown in this video? Will this work with USA systems? Motorola ASTRO 25 Radios, How to scan a trunking network - YouTube I am considering buying an XTS-5000. I would gladly make the purchase if it can talkgroup scan P25 systems. I am OK if it can not do...