1. jdmwph5

    XTS 2500 codeplug error

    I just bought an XTS 2500 Model III (UHF) Model H46SDH9PW7AN. This radio has the Q52/Q53 Front Panel Programming enhancement. Firmware = R09.00.03 After reading the codeplug in CPS R.16.00.00 it loads with 240 Conventional Personalities, none of which can be deleted (option grayed out). I'm...
  2. Eaton90

    Motorola XTS2500I - is this radio wort buying?

    Hi! I always wanted to buy an XTS2500... I've found an interesting one, an I version...But I still have doubts about buying it. Here's some info about this radio: XTS2500I Astro Portable Radio UHF2 450-520Mhz Model : H46SDH9PW7BN...