yaesu vx-3r

  1. C

    Working MacOS X 10.11 CHIRP config for Yaesu VX-3R

    Given the challenges many MacOS El Capitan folks have associated with getting CHIRP to program their handheld transceivers and scanner because of the requirements for Apple signed drivers and for "real" 2303 USB to serial cables, I thought I would post a configuration that I have working...
  2. Danny37

    CTCSS decode issue with yaesu vx-3r

    Ok so I programmed a Freq to listen to, but the problem is that this frequency has more than one user so I programmed the CTCSS tone to block out the noise I don't want to hear. The other user of this frequency is about 10 miles away, while the one I want to listen to is 2 miles away, a stronger...