yaesu vx-8dr

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    Yaesu: VX-8DR analog or digital?

    Is Yaesu VX-8DR a digital radio? With what types of repeaters is it compatible with? FM DMR D-Star Fusion etc...
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    Yaesu: Yaesu VX-8DR Air Band TX

    Hello! Does anybody know how to unlock Yaesu VX-8DR Air Band (108-137MHz) TX Capabiliy? Is this upgrade possible at all?
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    Love the Yaesu VX-8R but...

    Hello, The Yaesu VX-8R is a great feature rich hand held. It does it all and does it well. Sometimes it seems the best of things leave the basics far behind. Like the stock belt clip? Not sure how Yaesu thought this was going to pass as acceptible. I've come up with a nice solution. A...