1. YL3IM

    Importing BrandMeister repeater list to Motorola DMR (MOTOTRBO) radios

    Hi, I recently created a simple script which makes use of BrandMeister API to retrieve the the list of actual DMR repeaters and import them into Motorola DMR radios as zones, filtered by country or location. Mostly for mu own use, but I still hope it helps someone else...
  2. W

    TK-7360 zones and channels

    I just purchased a TK-7360 for 1st response, Red Cross, and ham use, being both an EMT and a ham. The programming software and cable are backordered, but I'm planning how I will increase my channel lineup and want to understand how zones and channels work. I can have 128 zones and 128 channels...
  3. Eaton90

    HT1250 - scan programming issue

    Hi everyone! I've got a problem with programming scanning in my HT1250LS+. I've created two conventional zones - the first one consists of 2 channel, the second one- of14. I also created 2 scan lists which also have 2 and 14 personalities. What I wanted is to be able to scan all the channels of...