1 year later after hurricane Michael


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Feb 18, 2005
Today marks 1 year of hurricane Michael came through my area. The complex I live they got lots of buildings repaired months ago and people moved in. I hope to get some pix and videos together and post it on YouTube. Some of the area buildings are still left like as the storm hit some buildings gone and lots of trees coming back to life for months and lots of recovering left to do in from Panama City to Mexico Beach. Lots of people moved away cause of no homes or places to live and rent is so high landlords doubled to 4 times of the high price. As for me I’m still in same place and working. I was out of place of living almost 3 months til I was able to move back in. Lots of people homes roofs still not replaced and blue tarps still up and people living in tents or fema trailers. I haven’t able to replace all what I lost. I was very lucky my car didn’t get totaled or bad damged.