10 code assistance; Montgomery County

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Jan 8, 2011
Montgomery County MD
I am hoping someone can help with a 10 code I hear periodically on the Montgomery County Police feed. Specifically, the 10 code of 10-70. I have done the usual Google search for this one and found both "prowler" and "fire alarm", but these solutions don't seem to make sense.

When I have heard the code, it has gone out over all the talk group districts. It usually is stated as: "Attention all units. There is a 10-70 in effect for the area of X and Y (usually an intersection). Authority 2N10." At some point later on, there is a second transmission that states: "Attention all units. The 10-70 in the area of X and Y has been lifted."

Hearing it makes me assume that it is a notice for marked patrols to stay out of the area (hence the 'all units' broadcast and the multiple talk group announcement). Maybe not to spook a surveillance?

If anyone has some concrete info on this one, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!
Not open for further replies.