10 July 2008 Lowband

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Dec 26, 2005
FM 18 Fairfax VA.

27.6750 "on yeah, good conditions down there" - midwestern accent (AM)
29.6000 CSQ "W5IEO calling CQ 10 meters and listening"
29.6200 C146.2
30.1500 maybe military
31.6800 C118.8
32.2150 (ish) familar carrier and data, I hear the same thing in Richmond, VA when the band is open
33.2400 (maybe 33.245?) sounds like a baby monitor, TV audio and people talking in background, my Pro-96 seems to think it has a 118.8 PL
33.4200 "what?"
33.7600 C103.5
33.8200 CSQ "Engine Company 1, Ambulance Company 11, Ambulance Company 9 second call for the hazardous materials incident..." "883 North Main Street by the McDonald's"
33.8600 CSQ "command to any rig..." "district three you can cancel out"
33.8600 C77.0
33.8800 didnt get tone, two stations talking at once, very noisy
35.1400 D025 "did you call them?"
35.1400 D311 "six one is clear"
35.1400 D446 "we're supposed to get afternoon thunderstorms"
35.1600 C97.4
35.2200 pager? very weak, data, keyups, no tone but definitely something there
37.1200 C156.7
37.3600 C110.9
39.2600 C118.8
39.3200 C110.9 - MD State Police
39.4000 C110.9 - MD State Police
42.0600 C203.5 - MO Highway Patrol
42.1200 C186.2 - ???? not listed
42.1600 C94.8 - MS Highway Patrol
42.4000 C186.2 - ???? not listed
42.4200 C114.8 - TN Highway Patrol
42.4200 C162.2 - not listed
42.4600 D131 - NE Highway Patrol
42.4600 D151 - NE Highway Patrol
42.4600 D174 - NE Highway Patrol
42.4600 D265 - NE Highway Patrol
42.4800 D114 - NE Highway Patrol
42.5600 C131.8 - TN Highway Patrol
42.5800 C186.2 - MO Highway Patrol
42.8600 C186.2 - ??? not listed
42.8600 C203.5 - MO Highway Patrol
42.9200 C173.8 - MO or NC Highway Patrol (most likely MO)
42.9400 C186.2 - not listed
44.1000 carrier in and out, no tone
44.2000 meteor scatter, very strong
44.7000 C77.0 - OK Highway Patrol
45.2200 C77.0 - OK Highway Patrol
46.6300 cordless phone
47.3000 C110.9 Virginia Department of Transportation repeater
48.0400 CSQ

a little note:

these logs were made with three different antennas...some of the 42 MHz stuff was picked up with the Pro-96 stock duck (!!!) but the majority of the stuff was either my Motorola Spectrum VHF high antenna or a Radioshack base-loaded CB antenna. Both of them seemed to produce the same results.
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Dec 13, 2003
Near Lakeview, LA (Caddo Parish)
Nice Snagging...

Nice Snagging,

Seems as if the low-band stuff is really working now. So 10 SSB, AM, & FM, plus 6 meters should
be good DXing and good for QSO's and grid squares. Man, gotta love that!

We have storms coming up from the Gulf (Sea breeze) clashing with 95 degree temps and a "cold front"
(THIS time of year? LOL!) coming out of SE OK/NE TX/SW AR so the lightning crashes tell me it's time
to unplug the tall antennas, throw the coax out on the ground and hook up the inside 2 meter antenna to
check into the A.R.C.O.S. (Amateur Radio Club of Shreveport[LA]) 2 meter club/Skywarn Net.
But, hopefully there is tomorrow and the weekend, LOL!



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