11 meter logs from Los Angeles,CA

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Mar 19, 2010
los angeles
here are a few interesting logs from the 11 meter band. all were spanish speaking. There seems to be alot of taxi companies in central mexico using modified cb gear on am mode. most base stations are females which are the strongest signals of course. makes for some interesting monitoring. the station audio was a surprise though.

25.910 fm mode WBAP audio feed from this station in Fort Worth Texas. Nice signal into Los Angeles, S7+ at time. Early morning 1500UTC. english format

25.685 am-female taxi base station with various mobile units, lots of roger beeps and mentioned of street names. location Central Mexico. 0230 UTC

25.875 am another taxi company central mexico-female with echo mike and many roger beeps 0200 UTC

25.775 am-various males taxis calling out numbers with roger beeps and weird funny noises after transmissions. lots of foul language on this one.

25.705 am-two female base station with roger beeps calling out numbers-central mexico area.

25.825 am-various males with roger beeps and echo mikes-mexico area

26.005 am-female base roger beeps-another taxi company mentioned manepantla(its in central mexico)

26.235 am- ditto on the above
73's for now

location: Los Angeles, CA
receivers: AOR 7030+ & Eton E1
antenna: alpha delta dx ultra & Antron 99
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