172.3000 Pullman Forest Service?

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Apr 22, 2001
Greetings Idaho Forum.....Kinda quiet in here and for reasons stated below figured I would try this forum first....

172.3000 R (CSQ) Fire Related Repeated Helo Traffic
Greetings all, I have consulted my lists, the RR database, google, and a couple of other sites and this one is new to me- anyone know what forest or federal activity it belongs to?

The RR database lists this as a NPS, USFS, and even the VA in some places but nowhere in the NW. All of the NPS USFS listings are CSQ and a couple as a 'common' channel so that seems to be a good fit.


I am in Eastern Spokane County and have heard 'Helo 22-PAPA-Bravo' advising unknown dispatch (cannot hear that side of Convo) they have been 'released from the fire' and to relay to their tender truck they just going to head for Pullman.

Did a little searching on N-numbers and can only find a Cessna in Georgia with 22BP in the number....No helos that I could find. Could not find an asset list...

Strong repeater, gonna venture guess it is on Mica but that is just a guess.

By extrapolation, I believe there is more National Forest on the Idaho side of the border than in SE Wa State and the activity is South and East of here based on the Pullman, WA Destination ......

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