1939 Research on 10m propagation


Feb 18, 2015
Severn, Maryland, USA
Very interesting thesis there. Thanks for sharing this historical find. As for any research in the 1942 time-frame, the United States had entered World War II and Amateur Radio operations were terminated. The order to cease all Amateur Radio operations was issued the day after Pearl Harbor was attacked which was effective on 8 December 1941. Off the top of my head, I don't know what other radio licensees (if any) may have also been affected due to the war. But most likely, any research, unless being done for the government and for the war efforts, were more than likely also shut down for the duration of the war.


Mar 15, 2004
Right, I feel strongly such diligent research must have placed him well to aid the war effort, thus my speculation "by 1942 or so" he might have been involved in the war-driven innovative period. I could be wrong and he could have been burning to personally take up arms, as well. I was speaking of his research accomplishments and made no mention of any particular radio service.

I had close relatives that served in combat and logistics during WWII, but also had an uncle who was a Electrical Engineer who was deemed essential to the War Effort stateside.
I can visualize this gentleman running the HFDF network, or in Communications intel.
His painstaking approach and data generation looks pretty defensible, even in our data-fat and gadget-rich era.