2/19/2020 Broadcastify Call Ingest Project Updates

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Super excited to announce some updates today to the Broadcastify Call Ingest Project under development at

Broadcastify Calls Status


1) Completed much more development of the back end infrastructure
2) Live calls listening for talkgroups and frequencies captured
3) Capturing detailed statistics on hourly and daily calls and ids

I've put together a few custom playlists which highlight our ability to play calls across multiple systems in one interface.

Broadcastify Test Playlists

This is the new direction of Broadcastify, and by this spring I expect we'll be in production and ready to support hundreds of captured systems. Much of our effort has focused on the back end to support massive amounts of data and audio to be ingested, and now that is matured, we're moving to development on the front end.

Expect in the coming weeks to see
1) Graphs of call and source usage over time (lots of statistics)
2) Much more development around live and archived call audio features. Right now we're polling for changes, that will transition to pushing changes to the browsers (for much better scalability when we eventually see 1000's of listeners and systems being captured)
3) Ability for users to manage and create custom playlists
4) On boarding more systems to be captured (want to help? see below)

Future includes
1) Alerts for talkgroups and source IDs
2) Ability to dynamically create Broadcastify streams on the fly from captured systems

There is MUCH MUCH more coming for this platform and we are going to devote a lot of resources to making this happen.

If you are interested in capturing a system and participating, see the announcement thread here:

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