2 Meter and 70 CM Antenna Tripod Project


Aug 7, 2020
Greencastle, PA, USA
Yep and thanks to both. I'll say this, prcguy, you know what you're talking about. The tripod you suggested is excellent for this type use. I will note if I want to collapse the extended mast, that air charge resists a bit, but it does make it very easy to extend. I'm going to put the Neewer bags on the list. I'll probably go with rocks for the weight as I can't find my sand castle shovel from years ago. OK seriously, I think for me rocks may be easier to do than shoveling sand.

And I'll be spot spraying the antenna with a few other colors to hide it a bit better. The odd choice of matte hunter green actually isn't bad where the antenna is now, but I'd like to break it up a bit and add a few splashes of other colors. I found that Lowe's has some camo labeled spray paints that I'll take a look at in a few days after SSDI monthly hits the account.