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2 MSP Trooper transports in Anne Arundel County

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Feb 16, 2016
Arnold, MD
2 MSP Trooper responses
(1) (I think it’s the 32-02 Box) 12 year old trauma with injuries from a long fall at Lindale Middle School (415 Andover Rd, Linthicum Heights, MD) MSP TRP1 to transport Priority 1 Category D (I think) to Hopkins Pediatrics.
(2) Box 35-22: E84 on scene of a MVC with pedestrian struck. MSP TRP6 landing zone at Annapolis Middle School to transport the patient (1208 Forest Dr, Annapolis, MD). E361 is the Medevac relay crew. MSP TRP6 priority 2 category B to Hopkins (I think).
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