2 new modes for MultiPSK

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Jul 22, 2002
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I just saw a note on the UDXF website that MultiPSK has now added ARQ-E and ARQ-E3 modes to the already impressive list of modes it can decode. These 2 modes are most commonly used by French military and some diplo (non-classified, natch) stations. However there's a catch - in the free versions, it only works in this mode for 5 minutes before timing out.

I had thought both of these modes were basically dead, but as there have been a slow uptick of reports on these modes on the UDXF, perhaps the French are dusting them off due to additional activity in the Middle East. That's pure speculation on my part, and not based on any insider knowledge. Logging these stations is tricky - when you hear them, it's actually a station using a pre-recorded message from another station. You cannot necessarily depend on the routing indicators to tell you the whole story. It takes a little digging - and this too was recently discussed on the Yahoo group.

If you can get over the overly crowded buttons on the screen, this is one of the few - if there are others, I don't know of them - ham related decoding software that continues to add non-ham modes. Some of the non-ham modes it decodes includes HFDL, VHF ACARS, DSC and Synop/Ship broadcasts.The website is below...


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