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2 NX-5800s as a repeater


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Jul 15, 2013
Charleston, wv
I'm needing to connect 2 NX-5800 radio to repeat each other, one DMR the other P25 Trunking. The only thing I can find in the Kenwood manual is for Mobile Relay, but that's only when they are in multi deck situations, which these will not be. I am aware of the timing issues that this will cause, but I'm trying to test a theory. Can anyone help, cause Kenwood tech support didn't have a clue.


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Jul 27, 2005
You can use the pins on the rear DB25 connector to do this, although you need to be really careful.

Pin 6 - Mic 2 input
Pin 25 - Mic Earth (ground)
Pin 11 - Ground
Pin 17 - AFO
Pin 19 - Detector output

You'll need to program auxiliary I/O pins for PTT and a COS

You'll need to do some work to do the audio interface, as the levels will not be a direct 1 to 1 interface.

Kenwood tech support isn't going to spend a lot of time working with you on an experiment when they sell a product that does the same thing, so don't blame those guys for not helping.


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Jun 3, 2011
Kenwood tech support didn't have a clue
I'm sure they had a clue...just, as mckenna said, didn't want to waste their time when a dealer can sell you something that they manufacturer for that. Let's not run them in the ground for that...


Jul 14, 2002
The cross cable is mode dependent, there is a aftermarket option that will do much better, and not channel mode dependent.
HOWEVER, the codecs might get you a ****ty result, but for short term use, it is doable.
I do not have the schematic, but I do know the guy who makes them, and is on my facebook NX5000 Users group.