2008/06/12 VHF Low Band

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Dec 19, 2002
Hill Country Village, Texas
2008/06/12 VHF Low Band
South Texas EL09
Uniden 396T w/ dipole

30.7000 "4 way stop at Grayville, left past school to Bakers Garage, take a right on Redhill Blacktop, near Jim Browns Welding"
33.8600 Fire/EMS
35.2200 KUS283, Windstream Nebraska Inc, Lincoln NE
35.3600 "A sandbagging party, that should be exciting"
35.4400 "92 scoops at Illinois Glacial"
37.3600 C110.9 "Lowband F1"
37.9400 "North of Nicodemus"
38.9000 C150.0 US Mil
39.2200 C107.2 Police
39.4000 Police, "San Diego clear"
39.5800 "Ottawa, the NWS in Topeka has issued tornado watch for Franklin County"
39.6000 C150.0 US Mil Range Control
39.6800 Police repeater, "vehicle is out of Riverside"
39.7200 Police repeater
39.8000 Police repeater, California
39.8200 "Valley county hospital", NE
39.8800 Police repeater
39.9000 Police
39.9600 C100.0 "Pager test"
42.0400 D244 NE HP
42.1400 C186.2 MO HP
42.1800 D662 NE HP
42.2000 D174 NE HP
42.2400 C186.2 MO HP
42.2800 D114 NE HP
42.3000 D244 NE HP
42.3400 D174 NE HP
42.4000 C173.8 MO HP
42.4600 D331 NE HP
42.4800 D114 NE HP
42.5800 C186.2 MO HP
42.8200 C186.2 MO HP
42.8600 C203.5 MO HP
42.9600 D156 "Take I-76 to Bromley"
43.0400 "but there's a cop in there, should we just go by?" "I80 all the way"
45.0800 C107.2 Fire, "water main break on Caldwell Rd"
45.2800 Sheriff, Jefferson Co, WI WQB793, WNGN313, KSB390
45.3600 C103.5 Severe weather warning for Winnebago county, WI
46.5400 C118.8 KNAZ343, Winnebago county, WI
47.8400 KQV744, Aquila Inc, 1 mi N of Savannah, MO
47.9600 KAC306, Nebraska Public Power, Scottsbluff, NE
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