2008/06/21 - VHF Low Band

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Dec 19, 2002
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2008/06/21 - VHF Low Band
South Texas EL09

30.6800 C156.7 "10-4, 10-4, 10-4"
30.7400 C210.7 Business
31.7200 C156.7 Business
32.0000 C150.0 US Mil
33.0200 C103.5 Vet Clinic "coming in for rabies shots"
33.8600 C82.5 Fire/EMS
33.9000 FD Hamilton Co O
39.2600 C118.8 Police
39.3000 C114.8 Analog Inversion Scrambling
39.6800 C118.8 Police
39.8000 C162.2 CA HP
39.8800 C118.8 CA HP
39.9000 CSQ Fire/EMS
42.0600 C203.5 MO HP
42.1000 C203.5 MO HP
42.1200 Police
42.1400 C186.2 MO HP
42.1800 D662 NE HP
42.2000 D423 NE HP
42.2200 C203.5 MO HP
42.3000 D423 NE HP
42.3400 D365 NE HP
42.3800 C173.8 MO HP
42.4000 C173.8 MO HP
42.4200 CSQ IN HP? (brief transmission, could have been TN HP - not sure)
42.4600 D465 NE HP
42.4800 D065 NE HP
42.5200 C127.3 CA HP
42.5600 C118.8 CA HP
42.5800 C186.2 MO HP
42.6400 C186.2 MO HP
42.8200 C186.2 MO HP
42.8600 C203.5 MO HP
42.9400 C203.5 MO HP
43.1400 C156.7 Business
43.1800 C179.9 Business
44.8000 CW "79C0"
47.4800 C156.7 Utility
48.5400 C107.2 Fire/EMS
49.5400 C107.2 Business

Six Meter Beacons
50.0655 W0MTK/B (DM59) Frutia CO
50.0680 N6NB/B (DM05SB) Tustin CA
50.0730 K0KP/B (EN36WT) Duluth MN
50.0760 WR9L/B (EN61BD) Bourbonnais IL
50.0776 N0LL/B (EM09OW) Smith Center KS
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Sep 21, 2004
42.420 is the old Indiana State Police (simucast) base to car frequency here in Indiana.Mobile to base is 42.260.All Indiana State Police Post across Indiana are now on 800Mhz trunking APCO 25.If you here 42.420 come in again from Indiana you might listen to see which post you are hearing. They will identify themselves as Indianapolis(52), Evansville (35),Jasper(34), Lowell,(13) Lafayette(14),Peru,(16) etc.Also you might hear TN on 42.420 as TN Highway Patrol is also still using low band across the state of TN. After hearing this I will have to hook up my motorola base receiver that was give to me. If you hear Indiana come in again please pm me and let me know what you are hearing and what post.Thank you, Best Reqaurds,Tim DeLong W9NES Indianapolis,Indiana"My doors are always Open"
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