2008 nocal fire storm

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Mar 30, 2003
fremont calif
over nite the number fires in calif got bigger
the number is now at 817 from 800 last night
and that number may not be right many fire are in back county and getting bigger

so here is a list of freqs being used CDF is tab out
of engines and many stirke team are coming from other

here is a list of freqs i have put togtter can any add anything to this list

154.220 OES Fire - Butte Fires command net
154.415 Butte Support - Butte Fires resource net
151.460 Command 7, Tehama fires command net
151.145, 151.190 tacticals on fires in tehama
151.385, 151.445 tacticals on fires in shingletown
151.265 Command 2, Shasta fires, Weaverville fires, MEU fires "Howard
Forest" (Cahto Peak cmd2 repeater activated, which comes over the
mountains into valley from Corning to Red Bluff via Mendocino Pass).
This freq is really a mess when everybody gets talking. Especially
Weaverville and Shingletown walking over each other.

123.975 tanker base redding, chico, chester
122.925 air tactics for various fires, I think Shingletown is primary
all VHF air tactics have been used off and on
151.220 cdf air ground - VERY busy

172.225 Lassen Forest
169.175 Mendocino Forest
171.575 Shasta forest
170.4875 Shasta Forest - Hayfork/Yolla Bolla District Net
172.275 Shasta Forest - Southfork District - barely readable in valley
170.000 USFS air to ground
168.050 tact on a mendocino forest fire
LPNF net 170.550 for Command. I wont be able to pick up the tac nets maybe the Air tacs.
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