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2009 Ford Escape install

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Jan 10, 2008
Fostoria, ohio
Just bought this car I need ideas on installing antennas. Drilling a hole is the last resort.

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Dec 18, 2005
Well the 700 is a runty little thing, but you can get a roofrack mount or a hood mount , i used a hood mount and ran the coax between the body panels and then into the vehicle through the door frame , you can then either pull the kick panel and route behind it or high on it to hide the coax under the dash.

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Jul 27, 2005
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Here's a write up I did back in 2009 when I installed a radio in my wife's 2009 Ford Escape hybrid.
2008 Ford Escape - Batboard My post starts at number 5 and goes down from there.

It has the sun roof, so I included measurements and photos on doing the NMO install.

Not a lot of room in these vehicles, but not too difficult to install in. I'd strongly recommend the permanent mount NMO install, on top of a vehicle like this with a good ground plane you get really good performance. As an 8 year old vehicle, you are not going to impact the resale value by doing a proper antenna install. The trade off is in the performance.

8 years now with this install, other than getting rid of the amateur radio and putting in a CDM, I haven't felt the need to change anything. Still happy with it after all these years.


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Sep 22, 2002
Glass mount

I have a 2015 Escape (and a 2007 Escape before that. . . and a Ford Ranger before that), and have always used glass-mount antennas. Typically, a dual-band ham model on one rear window, and a scanner model on the other rear window.

As long as the antennas are properly installed I've never had any problems, they've always worked quite well for me, and no hole-drilling needed.
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