2010 US Figure Skating Competion in Spokane

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Jan 18, 2005
Here are the frequencies I have found active for the figure skating
event at the spokane arena on thursday afternoon.
Staff are in the process of setting up for the event today (Friday).

458.8375 146.2 Simplex, Spokane Facilities district [Note: not an input]
460.3375 DPL 423 Repeater, Spokane Facilities district
458.4875 136.5 Simplex, Spokane Facilities district, Audio Techs [Note: not an input]
461.8875 DPL 624 Simplex Audio Techs
464.5125 DPL 455 Simplex, Unknown, talking about Ice network and decision making room
461.4000 103.5 Repeater, Private shuttle service for the event.
465.2375 136.5 Simplex, Spokane Facilities district, Telling someone to put mop bucket away.[Note: not an input]
467.8875 DPL 455 Simplex unknown short carrier. [Note: not an input]
407.7250 Astro Digital
464.5500 100.0 Simplex, setting up booth monitors
461.1375 DPL 612 Simplex, Unknown short carrier.
464.5000 94.8 Simplex, need cell numbers for ice network staff.
457.8875 156.7 Simplex, Something about video feed. [Note: not an input]
464.5500 DPL 331 Simplex, Unknown

Davenport Hotel, Where Skaters are staying mostly.
461.7375 DPL 723 Repeater
462.1625 167.9 Repeater, Janitorial
464.3500 123.0 Simplex, Kitchen or Resturaunt staff
464.8250 74.4 Simplex, Helping somone up
452.3500 DPL 065 Repeater, Female telling staff good job and good night see ya tomarrow.

River Park Square is whare the convention and meet and greets are going on so there
may be additional traffic on RPS channels.
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