2019 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo Frequencies

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Jun 12, 2018
Calgary, Alberta
Hi all...

If you are going to the event or just want to monitor, the 2019 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, organizers are using (what I assume) are rented UHF portables:

Ch 1 458.0875 162 DPL BMO Centre Ops
Ch 2 454.2750 162 DPL Big Four Building Ops
Ch 3 464.1875 162 DPL Chat channel

Channel assignments are provisional - I did monitor a conversation yesterday on 464.1875 calling it Ch. 3 and talking about going back to 2, but just take them with a grain of salt. The portables are all lower power, so you will have to be within about a 2 block radius of the site to monitor.

The higher level staff have Calgary Stampede TRS portables and can be heard talking on that system as well - they are using 368 BMO Centre Security Talkgroup as the primary security channel for the event. Talkgroup 592 is being used for event maintenance & housekeeping. Talkgroup 112 Parking Control is also very busy.

Also noted US "Red Star" business frequency 467.900 Mhz using 051 DPL in use with an AV company at the event. Not sure who it is. They did mention that they thought someone could record their comms. :) Would love to know who it is.
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