2020 freqs for BLM California Desert District

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Apr 19, 2005
California Desert District Office | Bureau of Land Management - BLM - California Desert District - main office in Moreno Valley CA - field offices are - El Centro + Needles + Palm Springs / South Coast + Ridgecret

Fire resources - helo with hand crew at Apple Valley - engines at Hole in Wall, Moreno Valley, Salt Wells, Ocotillo, ?Chomney Peak?, Joshua Tree, and Apple Valley - ish - fire units are dispatched by FIDC in San Bernardino CA

2020 freq list from Las Vegas NV 2020 BLM document

Channel 1 - Tourquoise - 166.375 Repeater output channel - 166.975 input - (Tourquoise is the mountain or hill where the repeater is located)

Channel 1 thru Channel 6 all use the same repeater pair - different unique PL for each input channel - there are no PLs listed for any mobile RX so we cant determine from this info if the repeaters transmit a PL or not

Ch 2 - Calico

Ch 3 - Christmas Tree

Ch 4 - Old Woman's

Ch 5 - Government

Ch 6 - Bird Springs

(there are more repeaters than this I think - iirc in 1982 I could hear 166.375R off Strawberry Peak when living at the USC Campus in LA - once heard their helo going to bus crash on I10? at Mtn Pass near the Nevada border - helo might have been bringing up multi repeaters at that time)

Ch 7 - "Mohave NP" - (?Natl Park ? Natl Preserve?) - 169.9875 R - 164.0875 in

Ch 8 - BLM SOA - 168.30

Ch 9 - Tac 1 - 168.05

Ch 10 - Tac 2 - 168.20

Ch 11 - Tac 7 - 168.35 - mobs TX CG 100.0

Ch 12 - A/G 59 - 169.1125

Ch 13 - A/G 53 - 168.4875

Ch 14 - Cal A/G 4 - 151.22


all PLs/CGs are 0.0 unless otherwise indicated

contact with dispatchers can probably only be made on Channels 1 thru 7


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Mar 1, 2019
There is (was?) also a repeater on Buena Vista Peak ("Cerro Gordo") in the Inyo Mountains south of Lone Pine.

Yes, it is still there, actually 2 BLM repeaters up there. One for the California Desert District, Ridgecrest Field Office and one for the Central California District, Bishop Field Office. The Inyo National Forest also has a repeater up there. Did you know that the old historic hotel in the old town (Cerro Gordo) burned down, sometime in the last month? Such a loss! Late Hubby and I drove up to the radio site one time and it was a bit rough and a long drive. Quite a view and well worth the drive. Another time we were with a group from the west side of Sierra and signed up for a tour. We stayed there overnight, across the street in some old employee housing. We had a memorable meal in the hotel.


Dec 19, 2002
When I was with BLM in So Cal. LEO mostly on Onxy or Toro. Covered most of So Cal BLM land between those 2 sites.

Also used Ch6 as local standalone repeater for Southern dunes off Black Mtn. Dispatched @ Glames Ranger Station.
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